Injustice 2: Ninja Turtles on the Go!

Injustice 2: Ninja Turtles
Injustice 2: Ninja Turtles

As the title hints, Ninja turtles are all geared up to be a part of the famous game—Injustice 2 tmnt. Yes, it’s Ninja time now. For avid fans of the game, this news must be a bombshell. After all, any gamer worth his salt will tell you that the game is a blast. Clearly, the gaming company saved the best for the last. Interestingly enough, the makers left no stone unturned to get the word out. For those who don’t know, the makers have already rolled out a few updates since inception, not too long ago. However, this update might have caught most gamers off-guard. The news is far below the surface of what most fans might have expected during this stage of the game. In fact, the news of Ninja turtles joining the roster was welcomed with open arms by one and all.

With Ninja turtles joining the roster after a much-awaited wait, the game is sure to garner more eyeballs. After all, who wouldn’t love to see their favorite hero in half-shell costume? And, there are four of these pizza-munching reptiles in the new gameplay trailer. Apparently, the Ninja Turtle is the only character in the fighting roster that provides four different styles for play. Yes, four turtles will show up under the one-character skin, allowing one to mix and match the accessories to choose a desired turtle for the battle. Of course, each turtle will have something different to offer. They are all trained in Ninjutsu and martial arts. They will have their unique fighting style, superpower, and special moves. Of course, this is just a small teaser of what’s in store. Let’s get a bit specific about the play.

As one might expect, players will get a chance to pick an individual turtle from the home screen at the start of the game itself. To commence the game, the customization options on the screen will equip one with one of the four weapons such as swords, sais, nunchakus, or bo staff. Depending on the chosen accessory, a turtle character will be assigned to the player. If you are not familiar, the turtle characters are named as Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael. Leonardo is the most confident one in the lot. Michelangelo is a like a party dude with a high intellectual who can eat a pizza in the middle of a fight. Donatello is a pain in the butt, while Raphael is the happy-go-lucky turtle.

The one that you pick will be the lead-hero, while others will act as a supporting hero. You will be able to use their powers for tag-team assist attacks. That being said, it appears that all the four turtles are required to join hands/work together for super moves. It would be rather interesting to see how these individual turtles incorporate teamwork into their unique fighting style. Of course, it will take a while to get a good hang of the new releases to pull off all the moves in the book. If you are someone who can match his big vision with excellent execution, you should be able to master and play the game like nobody’s business.

Of course, don’t expect a free lunch over here. Given the fact that the makers spend so much time, effort, and money into new updates be prepared to spend some money to explore the turtle power. According to official reports, ninja turtles will be made available to players who already own the Injustice’s 2 Ultimate Edition at no extra cost from Feb.13. Others will have to fork out $9.99. They will be available as a stand-alone purchase on Feb.20th. On the whole, bringing in the Ninja turtle gang is a well-received move. It definitely appears that the company has built an online character in a manner that’s second to none. The ninja turtle could very well end up being the best character in the game.

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