Injustice 2 – Tips and Tricks for the Winning Edge

Injustice 2 Tips and Tricks for the Winning Edge

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Injustice 2 is a tough beast. It could take years to improve your heroic skills. All this while, you might feel like Mike Tyson’s sparring partner whose only job was to take hits, and then fall to the ground defeated. Agreed, there is no glory in getting defeated in the boxing ring or in front of the screen. So, how on earth do we improve our win-loss ratio? Is there any quick-fix to greatness? Fortunately, in the world of video games, there is a quick-fix. Well, gone are the dark days. Get ready for some kick-ass performance with these Injustice 2 tips and tricks.

  1. Stay loyal to your favorite characters

Some players keep switching characters more frequently than their hairstyles. As a result, they prolong the learning curve. Remember, it’s easier to get good with a few characters as opposed to trying to master them all. Over here, it’s advisable to play around with several characters in the training mode and then select a few from them. The key is to stick with the chosen ones throughout the journey. If you go for random characters every time, you might piss yourself off or end up with a needless uphill struggle.

  1. Don’t waste your Big Combos

Agreed, they cause a lot of damage, and they look cool in motion. However, combo moves can go waste even when they connect well. To make the most of the big combos, you shouldn’t be using them when the enemy’s armor is very low. In simple words, if the move is bound to cause more damage than the armor left, you will be doing yourself a disservice by using the combo. It would be like beating up a dead snake. So, don’t strike it when the opponent’s life meter is already too low. You will miss out on a lot of damage and potential victories down the road.

  1. Get rid of unwanted gear

Over the course of the game, you will collect a lot of gears, and you will never end up using all of them. Unless it’s a rare gear or something that you really need, you should sell them off by going over to the Inventory tab in the character customization screen. Truth to be told, low-level gears with low stats are pretty much useless, so it’s a good idea to clear up the inventory once in a while. You can even get a chance to get Regen Token by selling the gears.

  1. Optimum Meter Usage

Try to save your meter for ‘clashes’ to bounce back quickly against a tougher opponent. Remember, damage caused by clashes cannot kill the opponent. So, if the opponent has a little bit of meter left, try to match their bet if possible as opposed to beating their bet. Moreover, feel free to use the character power meter as much as you desire because it can be recharged easily. So, you will never run out of it when you need it the most.

  1. Practice and Practice

As they say, perfection doesn’t exist. The more you practice, the better you will get. This logic applies in the gaming world too. Although going into the practice mode may seem like a boring idea, it will pay off in a big way. Your best bet would be to try out the story mode to test a good chunk of the game’s roster. It’s the finest way to get familiar with the fighter’s moves, style, preference, and other essentials. So, do not shy away from putting in those practice hours to give life to the better player in you. You won’t regret it!

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